1. See Five Star Commercial on ABC News

    Five Star Commercial Turf was featured on ABC News. https://youtu.be/XLEVKftWVgY FULLERTON, Calif. (KABC) -- The Hotel Fullerton will be saving 1.3 million gallons of water per year after removing all of their grass lawns and replacing it with artificial turf. "We're just so excited to make this change for the better. Not only are we elevating the guest experience for our guests, but, at the same …Read More

  2. New El Nino-driven storms to dent California’s drought with rain next week

    New El Nino-driven storms to dent California's drought with rain next week Following a warm, dry February in California, a shift in the weather pattern will open the door for several storms to soak the state during the second week of March. Enough rain may fall to put a noticeable dent in the drought across the state. By the end of this weekend, storms will usher in moderate to heavy rain across C…Read More


    Another land grab appears to have made its way to the state of California – This time rooted in the greater Los Angeles area. Once again, the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks was able to captivate the community with Griffith Park’s newly completed John Ferraro Athletic Fields. Made possible through contributions from the LA84 Foundation, the Los Angeles Parks Foundation, …Read More


    When Jesuit High School needed a new field for its nationally-ranked sports teams, school officials wanted cutting-edge technology. From consultations with the school, architects and field builders the process learned Jesuit High School officials wanted to completely update the 45-year-old field and were seeking a novel approach to synthetic turf, with maximum utility for Jesuit’s nationally ran…Read More


    Sacramento, CA one of Northern California’s largest school districts is in the process of renovating its athletic infrastructure, and they started with two brand new artificial turf fields. Sacramento City Unified School District’s Rosemont High School formally dedicated its new athletic field in May 2014, while Kennedy High School debuted its new artificial turf for the home opener September …Read More

  6. Financial Details of UCLA Intramural Biobased Turf Field

    The IM Field turf project was the result of a number of partnerships across the University including Facilities, Recreation and Housing. “The benefits were seen at so many different levels on campus that our partners in housing and facilities, knowing that we’d be saving [water] and knowing that we’d have a field that gives us twelve months of playability, worked together to support funding …Read More

  7. UCLA Future Plans to Incorporate BioCel Turf

    Looking forward, UCLA has plans to incorporate BioCel AstroTurf into other areas of campus. There are discussions about converting some of the parkways and small areas and courtyards throughout the campus. The university intends to promote the idea of sustainable space use, “that by creating the right built environment and the right products which provide savings, we could also enhance the campu…Read More

  8. Biobased turf AT UCLA

    Biobased turf is a fairly new product which means there is little historical data. To learn more, the UCLA team visited other PAC12 schools that had implemented artificial turfs like Oregon State University and Washington State University. UCLA contracted D.A. Hogan & Associates, a consulting group focusing on engineering and landscape architecture, to help them navigate the project. One diffe…Read More


    One interesting projected completed in 2015 was the UCLA BIOBASED ASTROTURF INTRAMURAL FIELD. The project vision began about ten years ago, according to Mike Deluca, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Campus Life at UCLA. Over the years, the university had noticed both an increase in enrollment and also the growing concerns about water usage in California. Width 42,000 students, there was a high demand…Read More

  10. The Scoop on Metropolitan’s Modified Turf Rebate Program

    There has been a tremendous effort recently to review, debate and decide on revisions to Metropolitan’s turf rebate program. The Metropolitan board of directors has approved changes to and expansion of our conservation/turf rebate program so that it will be the largest of its kind ever in the nation. All told, Metropolitan and its member agencies spent $500 million on a large scale reimagining o…Read More