1. Can We Solve California’s Water Problems?

    For over 150 years, Californians have argued, litigated, yelled, and otherwise fought over water. California is a big state – we have redwood forests, desert regions, mountains, coasts, rich agricultural lands, amazing natural ecosystems. And overall, we have a pretty good amount of water but the current drought is not helping. The problems with California’s water are that it is highly seasona…Read More

  2. 3 Things That Need To Happen To End California’s Drought

    The Golden State is being drenched this week by heavy rains and snow driven by a powerful El Niño. But quenching a years-long thirst takes more than a few storms. Rain and snow have deluged much of California this week, prompting questions about whether the state could dig out of its four-year drought, the worst in recorded history. But certain conditions need to converge on the state before its …Read More

  3. Darth Nino

    'Darth Nino' pummels California: Storm driven by worst El Nino ever causes chaos as drivers are left stranded in their cars, roads turn into rivers and a TORNADO hits Californian streets have been turned to rivers after one of the biggest El Nino storms in decades pummeled parts of the state - but forecasters say the worst is still to come. High winds and the most rain seen on a single day in four…Read More

  4. Turf rebate program paid out over $55 million

    The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California  has paid millions to residents and businesses to rip out turf from Oxnard to San Diego.  Between late January 2014 and June 16, 2015, the district paid $56.7 million to replace nearly 30 million square feet of grass. The money went to 15,000 residents and businesses, many of which received additional rebate funds from their local water supp…Read More

  5. Most Vulnerable Drinking Water Systems Due to Drought

    With the state in its driest year on record, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) today announced that it has identified 17 rural communities with vulnerable drinking water systems due to drought conditions. The 17 rural drinking water systems identified serve communities that range in size from 39 to approximately 11,000 Californians. There are approximately 3,000 community water sys…Read More

  6. Groundwater Resources Depleted By Drought

    Following one of the driest years on record when groundwater resources have provided an increasing percentage of California’s water supply.  A recent report on groundwater basins that details groundwater level changes, potential water shortages, land subsidence, farmland fallowing and gaps in groundwater monitoring. Drought conditions typically result in an increase in groundwater well activity…Read More

  7. Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance

    Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance New California yards and commercial landscaping installed after December 1, 2015 will use up to a third less water on average under the rules of a model landscape ordinance adopted by the California Water Commission.  The ordinance will not apply to existing lawns and landscapes unless they are modified significantly. The ordinance effectively limits lawn in co…Read More

  8. Consumer Rebates Helped Save Millions of Gallons of Water

    2015 was a banner year for water conservation legislation and other measures that were instituted to help pull California out of its 4 year historic drought.  One of the most interesting incentive programs created was done by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR).  They created 2 new rebate programs to help Californians replace inefficient toilets and tear out water-guzzling lawns, …Read More

  9. San Diego Cracks Down On Over Watering

    The San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board (San Diego Water Board) is cracking down on water wasters throughout its region to stem pollution that is generated by overwatering. With the state in a fourth year of extreme drought conditions, the San Diego Water Board recently initiated compliance audits to determine which cities are taking effective measures to eliminate over-irrigation – a…Read More

  10. Per Person water use declines statewide with lowest average ever

    Californians have reduced water use by 26.3 percent in the six months since emergency conservation regulations took effect in June, continuing to meet Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.’s 25 percent mandate despite a decline in the statewide water-savings rate for the last two months. In November, when outdoor water use dramatically drops, the statewide conservation rate was 20.3 percent, down from …Read More