1. CA Water Conservation Data – Q4 2015

    November Conservation Data 2015 was a groundbreaking year in the number of laws, and legislation passed aimed at solving the drought.  It was a also a flagship year in the amount of per person water use reduction that that took place.  The long and short of it is that Californians saved a lot of water and are conscious of their current drought environment.   Here we take a look at the numbers …Read More


    The stage is set for a strong El Niño event this winter, but experts say it is unlikely to erase California’s four-year drought. While there is no single factor that will determine when the drought ends, here is a high-level look at factors the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the California Department of Water Resources will be watching for signs of improvement. SNOWPACK Cal…Read More

  3. Solar-Powered Mowers Offer Green Alternatives

    Solar-Powered Mowers Offer Green Alternatives An electric lawnmower that utilizes solar power as an energy source will address a number of issues that standard internal combustion engine mowers do not. An electric lawnmower with a solar charger will be easier to use. There is no messy dangerous gasoline to deal with. It will eliminate those pesky trips to the gas station for fill-ups. Just plug th…Read More

  4. Gas-Powered Lawn Mowers And Pollution

    Reports about those noxious fumes emitted from gasoline lawn mowers are indeed true. A Swedish study conducted in 2001 concluded, “Air pollution from cutting grass for an hour with a gasoline powered lawn mower is about the same as that from a 100-mile automobile ride.” Meanwhile, the 54 million Americans mowing their lawns each weekend with gas-powered mowers may be contributing as much as fi…Read More

  5. Tips to keep real grass healthy in water scares environments

    Tips to keep real grass healthy in water scares environments All lawns benefit from receiving about an inch of water each week. How you deliver that water is an important step in creating a healthy lawn that can tough out the tough times.  Without consistent water grass will surly deteriorate and eventually thin out and die.  Over water can also cause issues and can harm the health of you grass …Read More

  6. Natural Lawn Survival Guides in Times of Drought

    To water your lawn or not to water in time of drought?  Its a question that haunts most all environmentally minded southern Californians over the past 4 years.  As Our drought worsens so does your guilt each time you water your water guzzling lawn.  Here we provide tips on how to cut back water usage and still maintain your natural grass. One of the first signs I look for in a drought stressed …Read More

  7. To fight the drought, new housing experiments with ways to save water

    In an affluent neighborhood north of the city, the Sea Cliff development of million-dollar custom houses appears at first glance to be yet another in a series of expensive homes sprouting across California. But a tour of the model properties reveals a surprisingly innovative feature that is getting a lot of attention in a state grappling with the fourth year of a devastating drought: Built-in gray…Read More

  8. Synthetic Turf for FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup

    Synthetic turf continues to gain popularity in the professional sports market.  Recently Montreal's Olympic Stadium selected to install high performance, synthetic turf pitch for its soccer field. The facility will served for the FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup in August 2014. The field passed rigorous laboratory and field testing for qualities such as tuft bind, durability, UV stability, ball roll a…Read More

  9. Interesting Commercial Turf Installations

    Hundreds of companies are turning to commercial turf installations to save time, money and hassle.  Like residential turf the commercial side of the business is booming.  Here we highlight a handful of unique commercial turf installations and the companies that have made the switch to turf. At about 94,000 square feet, the turf replacement at the MillerCoors property is a great start but is smal…Read More

  10. Big Businesses get huge rebate checks for water-saving turf replacement

    Large businesses are becoming increasingly interested in the benefits of artificial grass. Companies like Google and LinkedIn use artificial grass as decoration at their corporate headquarters and others have followed suit for practical purposes. Reduced water bills, increased safety and an evergreen look are just the beginning of the differences artificial grass can make for your business. A trac…Read More