Five Star Turf installs a range of high-quality artificial turf systems designed to enhance the landscapes of counties, cities, and HOA’s around the country while saving a great deal of maintenance time and landscaping expenses. Five Star Turf only uses artificial grass made with advanced fibers and yarns that help the grass maintain its aesthetic integrity while remaining green and soft to the touch year after year.

Five Star Turf’s artificial grass products are the most cost effective alternative to a natural grass landscape, making it a great return on investment. Our turf products do not require mowing, reducing time and harmful carbon emissions. They also require minimal watering, reducing the need of costly sprinkler systems, thus cutting you water bill by more than half! Synthetic Grass also has the added value of having an impeccable landscape that’s virtually maintenance free.

Five Star Turf’s artificial grass systems are safe for children, pet-friendly, and can withstand heavy foot traffic — making them perfect for parks, schools, street medians, civic centers, airports, and dog parks. Our artificial grass is designed to withstand high heat, low temperatures, and is installed with an advanced drainage system to prevent flooding during rain. It’s no wonder why more and more cities are making the switch to synthetic grass by Five Star Turf. Call Five Star Turf to find out how your city, municipality, or HOA can directly benefit from the aesthetic and financial gains by investing in artificial grass.