Five Star Turf’s artificial grass is perfect for pets. You’ll love how much fun your pup or other pet will have cruising over the soft surface of our turf. Beyond the joy that you’ll see in the playful eyes of your pet, our turf offers a number of additional benefits that make it the obvious choice when you’re looking for a pet-friendly landscaping solution. Here are a few more notable benefits:

Easy Care & Clean Up

With our artificial grass, clean-up and care couldn’t be easier. Whether you need to clean turf that has become dirty, or you need to pick up a bit of a “mess” that your pup left behind, you won’t need to do much. Simply hose down turf that is covered in dust. Or, if you’re picking up droppings, simply use a scooper or plastic bag, and then hose down the surface if there’s any residue. You can also use a deodorizer to keep your artificial grass smelling as fresh as it feels. Our turf also won’t become flattened over time. It’s designed to bounce back with a quick rinse, since the infill will rearrange itself, leaving the artificial grass blades “sprouting” upright. You can learn more about just how easy it is to keep your turf looking its best on our maintenance tips page.

Versatile Uses

Use our artificial turf for a dog run, use it to build out a dog park, or use it to make your pet’s pen extra comfortable. Our artificial grass is especially versatile since it won’t die in some conditions, like traditional sod. Use our turf around your pool, and don’t worry about getting a bit of chlorinated water on your artificial lawn. Our turf won’t die off or discolor, even when it is abused by your pets, overuse, changing temperatures, overexposure to sun, or anything else that can be problematic for natural grass.

Long Lasting Landscaping

Dogs can, normally, make quick work of the grass of a dog run or dog park. That’s why dog parks are so often just barren fields of dirt and mud. However, our turf resists the wear and tear that even the most active pups can cause. When you use our turf in your dog run, dog park, or any other animal application, you can expect it to last for years on end.

Low Environmental Impact

Our artificial grass is environmentally friendly. While traditional grass can guzzle gallon after gallon of water, and sod often requires fertilizers and pesticides to stay alive (which can leach into the water table), our turf requires little water. Simply spray down your artificial grass when it is dirty.

Discover the Benefits Yourself

Your pets will love our turf. They’ll be ecstatic to enjoy the cushy, beautiful artificial grass. Transform your landscape into a personal paradise for your pets with Five Star Turf. Take a look at our catalog of turf products, or feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!