11 Ways For Homeowners To Improve Water‐Use Efficiencies

Did you know that California just entered a fourth consecutive year of drought? Five Star Turf would like to inform all citizens on ways to improve water efficiency around their homes and to reinforce the critical need to use water responsibly.

Recent surveys in specific southern California communities/areas show that 70‐80 percent of all residential water use happens outdoors.  This is an important distinction to understand and this knowledge alone can have a significant impact on water use habits.  Because so much water is used outside its also important to remember that the winter season delivers cooler temperatures and more rain (hopefully) for the area.  When these weather conditions change its imperative that customers adjust their outdoor irrigation timers and ensure all leaks are detected and fixed. Also the overall need to water outdoor plants and lawns in the winter time is reduced.  People who water their lawns daily in the winter months are wasting water and their money. Below is a list of tips to improve outdoor water use efficiency – following these tips will help us all meet the state’s goal of reducing overall water use by 20 percent.

Here are a few opportunities for homeowners to improve their overall water‐use efficiency:

  • Adjust your irrigation clocks to water no more than 10 minutes per week
  • Install a weather‐based irrigation controller (rebates available)
  • Adjust sprinklers to prevent overspray and runoff onto sidewalks, driveways and streets
  • Trees and shrubs can be watered as infrequently as once a month during the winter months
  • Add mulch to retain water in the soil
  • Immediately fix all leaks inside and outside your property
  • Replace inefficient fixtures and appliances inside your kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms (rebates available)
  •  Wait until you have a full load before laundering clothes and operating dishwashers
  • Fill the sink rather than letting the water run when doing dishes, shaving or brushing teeth
  • Take showers instead of baths, and limit showers to five minutes
  • Install water‐saving  shower heads and aerators in your bathrooms (free from Golden State Water)