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Reports surrounding the environmental safety of artificial turf may, on the surface, be alarming. However, simply put, artificial turf is safe and the science is there to prove it. While we acknowledges the concerns of the groups behind these initiatives, the truth is that their questions have already been answered.

Volumes of research and testing from academics and state governments like New York, California, Massachusetts and Connecticut, and school systems have examined everything called into question about synthetic turf. The conclusions show that there isn’t conclusive scientific evidence proving that artificial turf systems cause health risks.

Synthetic turf is, and has always been safe. There is no scientific or medical evidence that synthetic turf poses a human health or environmental risk.

Here are 2 official research/studies on the subject (click on each header for a complete copy of the report):


“No significant differences were found between artificial football fields and urban sites. No differences were found between artificial football fields and ‘‘natural’’ football fields. There would not be any more risk on an artificial turf football field than there would be in the rest of the city.”


“Our study did not find a large amount of vapor or particle release from the fields confirming prior reports from Europe and the US. We put these exposures into a public health context by performing a risk assessment. Our risk assessment did not find elevated cancer risk.”