Large businesses are becoming increasingly interested in the benefits of artificial grass. Companies like Google and LinkedIn use artificial grass as decoration at their corporate headquarters and others have followed suit for practical purposes. Reduced water bills, increased safety and an evergreen look are just the beginning of the differences artificial grass can make for your business.

A tractor rumbled over 2 acres of green turf last month at the Miller Coors brewery, its mechanical rake leaving wide swaths of thirsty grass chomped up in its wake. The once-lush knoll, by springtime, will feature a pathway of decomposed granite, a bed of river rocks and a sign encouraging water conservation.

For its water-saving efforts, the beer company is scheduled to receive a check for about $187,000 from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California through the agency’s turf replacement rebate program. Local and state water officials have lauded the multi million-dollar program as a water-saving boon for the drought-stricken state. Thousands of Southland residents have applied for financial incentives to tear out and replace turf with drought-friendly foliage, a move experts say is critical to re calibrating Californians’ attitude toward water. Businesses are cashing in, too, in a big way.