The drought in California has caused a number of new one off situations that are new to many people.  Residents of Santa Cruz, California can attend “Water School,” which is a one-night course on water conservation that, if taken, allows people to waive any penalties accrued for using too much water under the city’s stringent mandatory rationing.

Crazy to think that now with the rising scarcity of water throughout the state of CA residents will be regulated and water use habits will be scrutinized.  The serious offenders and over users will face fines and penalties.  All of this has been put in place as a way to combat wasteful use of water during these sensitive times.   Think of traffic school a common place institution that hundreds of thousands of people have attended to reduce or eliminate vehicle tickets and fines. The water school model is the same as traffic school.  Depending on the programs success its possible that more cities throughout CA will be instituting water schools to educate the public about the drought and water use tactics.

While policy is not yet active, the city expects to re-institute mandatory rationing of water for several months this year and for what is the second time in two years. The city gets all of its drinking water from local rivers, wells and rainfall. Households that use more than the allotment of about 60 gallons per person per day may be fined.