Many Southern Californians have begun to replace their water guzzling grass with synthetic turf in an effort to fight the drought.  As the synthetic grass industry grows, experts say if homeowners are going to make the switch to fake grass, then they should do it right.  Unfortunately many home improvement stores and even some turf companies sell consumers on all the benefits of synthetic grass and tell them they can do it cheap or even turn it into a DYI project.  Because of this misleading guidance many people go on the cheap and then face extreme costs later an when their installations fail or damage other parts of their property.

YouTube videos demonstrate how homeowners can lay out their own artificial grass, but it is not as easy as it looks, and even some professionals are not cut for the job.  Specifically backyard corners can be a challenge, and folks cannot just cut corners by using small patches. We recently heard from a couple who hired a licensed contractor, who did their rock landscaping in their front yard, and installed artificial grass in their backyard. That was one month ago, and they immediately noticed ripples in their new grass and uneven edges.  The installers cut too far away from the edge exposing countless unsightly seam.

We recommend that consumers do their homework and research before hiring someone to install their turf. We recommend people get references and an in person quote where installers take the time to drive out to people’s homes to see the details of the job that people wish to hire for.

Many Municipal Water Authorities are working with certain companies to offer a ten-percent discount on artificial turf.