With the ongoing California drought, you don’t see many green lawns anymore, but you do see more artificial turf. THe benefits of synthetic turf far outweigh the costs and for this reason it’s being installed at the marquee at the iconic Hollywood Bowl.  This is the front door of the Hollywood Bowl.

The synthetic turf business is booming. The company installing turf at the Hollywood Bowl is called DuraTurf, and they foresee explosive growth in the next five years.  But the bottom line for this project all came down to how good it looks when it’s installed. The new grass looks so real it’s hard to tell the difference until you reach down to touch it. This is very important for the concert venue that hosts hundreds of thousands of attendees annually.  Concert goers appreciate a comftorable area to sit and dance and the ambiance provided by synthetic turf will attract consumers. And of course it will save a lot of water.

The average households see 50- to 60-percent savings in water usage when replacing a grass lawn with a synthetic alternative. The Hollywood Bowl already saved millions of gallons of water each year after installing waterless urinals. With this new “grass,” it is proud to be doing even more.  To be able to minimize and reduce water because of the landscaped area here while maintaining its beauty is something that all Hollywood bowl employees are proud of.