Luxury Hotels Create Innovative Green Spaces with Synthetic Grass

The hotel industry is a competitive marketplace.  With massive chain hotels to small mom and pop boutique B&B’s everyone is looking for a strategic advantage over their competitors.  Most hotels focus on high end amenities for their guests – things that look nice but really don’t do a whole lot to improve the customer experience but forget mini bottles of high-end shampoo or chocolates on your pillow. The most impactful amenity being offered by luxury hotels such as the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas  and the Mandarin Oriental in New York is actually synthetic grass, used to beautify grounds for guests while conserving millions of gallons of water each year.

A growing number of hotels, particularly upscale chains, are creating innovative green spaces using synthetic grass that require minimal resources and maintenance.  This aesthetically appealing solution also promotes greater utilization of land, improved consumer experiences and bottom line cost savings for the hotels.

In Miami Beach, Florida  the city’s most recognizable landmarks – the Fontainebleau Hotel faced an issue to balance the use of outdoor grassy areas in light of capacity or more rooms. “The inclusion of synthetic grass in our landscape has proven to be a smart choice for the resort and mother earth,” noted Rodrigo A. Carrillo, Project Manager of the Fontainebleau Hotel, who made the switch in 2010. “Since the conversion, we are able to accommodate increased capacity and utilize a greater percentage of grassy areas, while providing an enhanced event experience, without damaging the grass. This year, eight million gallons of water will be conserved and our new synthetic lawn allows us to eliminate the use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides on ground in close proximity to the beach.”

In Las Vegas, where water conservation is a critical need, premier locations such as the Wynn Hotel, the Bellagio, Venetian and Caesars Palace now feature synthetic grass. Last year, the Wynn Hotel alone saved 143,748,000 gallons of water formerly used for landscaping. Other hotels in urban locations are adding synthetic turf to utilize and optimize formerly unused areas. The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York delights guests with a beautiful 38th floor terrace yoga deck using synthetic grass. Overlooking San Francisco’s waterfront, the Hotel Vitale lined their fourth story rooftop with synthetic grass to create a multi-use area.

At Five Star Commercial Turf we specialize in creating innovative spaces for hotels via beautiful synthetic grass installations.  If your considering going green with turf contact us today and we can provide you a quote, ROI analysis and help you to determine if using synthetic turf is right for your hotel or business.