SoCal VS. Nor Cal.  There has always been beef between the 2 drastically different parts of the state.  Both sides have their benefits and their downfalls but for the most part everyone gets along.  Until now – with the drought stranglehold tightening on CA the northern part of the state fears it more populous cousin to the south will take all its water.

It’s one of the most common things we hear about the drought—people complaining about sending all of the water from Northern California to Southern California so they can have green lawns.

California’s drought, now in its fourth year, has only heightened tensions that naturally exist between a northern water supply and a southern demand.Most Northern Californians probably picture a land of lush lawns with green and expansive estates perched atop the hills in LA. But is this true?

But if you think the aqueduct is sending water from Northern California to Southern California, you may be in for a surprise. The system carries water that’s eventually piped over the mountains, but at one spot near Tracy CA it’s not flowing right now, because there’s no water to deliver to the south.

Last year, Southern California’s supply from the north was cut more than 90 percent, while this year it’s slashed 80 percent.  Southern California is surviving in part, he says, because of one very big drought buffer. Diamond Valley Lake was built a decade ago. the largest off-stream reservoir in the state is running at less than half capacity.

Frankly it’s been our insurance policy.

Southern CA serious about weaning itself off of important water, which now accounts for 79 percent of its supply. Homeowners have individualized water budgets and are investing in recycling and stormwater capture and storage, rather than rely entirely on an increasingly unstable and expensive supply from its neighbors to the north.

Like in any family feud it’s easier to blame your sibling for a problem, than it is to just look at yourself and say, we all need to do this together.

So the next time you hear Los Angeles is sucking Northern California dry, you’ll know perception is not reality. Like anything else with California water, it’s much more complicated than north vs. south.