Developed in the 1990’s by Wildflower Farm Eco-Lawn is a blend of seven carefully selected, certified fine fescue grass seeds that work together to form a slow growing, drought tolerant turf.Like artifical turf eco lawn benfits your wallet, the environemtn and saves water.  Also you don’t have to put so much time, effort and money into your lawn.  Eco-Lawn grows in full sun, part shade and even deep shade.

Highly drought tolerant, once established, Eco-Lawn has a beautiful deep green grass colour.
Eco-Lawn is quick to germinate but is slow growing and it requires less fertilizing and less watering due to its deep root system.
Eco-Lawn can be mowed like a regular lawn or left un-mowed for a free-flowing carpet-like effect.

First introduced to the market in 1998, Eco-Lawn is a proprietary blend of fine fescue grasses that produce a healthy thick green lawn with minimal care. The varieties of fine fescue selected for Eco-Lawn have specific qualities that make them ideal for a low maintenance Artificial turf Installation:
  • Fast germination and early spring green-up
  • Slow growing – reducing mowing by 50%
  • Highly drought tolerant, reducing irrigation needs between 50-100%
  • Develops deep roots to source water and nutrients naturally
  • Grows well in full sun, part shade and deep shade
  • Naturally occurring endophytes for increased insect resistance
  • Little to no fertilizers required
  • Rich dark green colour
  • Salt tolerant

What makes Eco-Lawn different?

Unlike almost all the other grass seed available to the homeowner which contains only “common” seed, Eco-Lawn is comprised of 100% pure golf course quality “Certified” seed.

To be classified as “Certified” seed, the seed must:

  • Be field inspected by an accredited certifying agency
  • Be clean and free of noxious weeds
  • Be bred and selected for improved performance
  • Be blended and packaged in an accredited facility
  • Be tested for purity and germination by an independent accredited seed analyst
  • Not contain “other” crops
  • Have a minimum germination rate of between 85 – 90%