The synthetic turf industry is booming on both a commercial and residential level.  Because of the many benefits of turf and the immediate ROI it provides many find it a “no brainier” to install synthetic turf for their specific needs.  A growing segment of the marketplace is in the fitness and wellness industries.  Really its a perfect fit – gyms, hospitals, golf courses – all places designed to foster healthy activities and and reduce stress.  Synthetic turf not only fits this bill from an aesthetics standpoint but also saves these businesses money.

With the New Year comes much attention to the number one resolution – get in shape and lose weight. Many fitness and wellness facilities are selecting synthetic grass for their weight training and workout rooms because of its resilience, durability, sound absorbing qualities, and good looks.”While synthetic turf is typically identified with athletic fields or landscaping, many health clubs, wellness facilities, hospitals and senior living centers are beginning to use synthetic turf to enhance the safety and attractiveness of their facilities, and to make them more accessible to the disabled,” said Rick Doyle, President of the Synthetic Turf Council.

Gym and Sport Facilities

Jared Veldheer a former Oakland Raiders NFL player recently opened his PowerStrength Training Systems facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Veldheer created the facility to help athletes reach their full physical and mental potential. Together, they determined that synthetic grass would be the best solution for all of the heavy sled pushes, agility and movement drills that take place in the gym and to reduce the wear and tear on the facilities flooring.  The great thing about turf – even with all of the daily usage, the artificial grass still looks and feels great – its built to last.

Specialized Fitness and Recreation Facilities

A growing number of companies are installing synthetic grass for innovative and specialized fitness and wellness applications. The powerhouse trend setter Google recently contracted with a vendor in California to install synthetic grass in its wellness center for its employees.  To give their patients and residents an outlet for all-weather and low maintenance recreation and fun, Scripps Hospital in San Diego, CA, Heritage Point Senior Living in Walnut Creek, CA, and a nursing home in Ft. Worth, TX  installed synthetic grass putting greens.

People are finding new and creative ways to take advantage of the many benefits of synthetic grass. It’s a big reason why synthetic grass for landscape and recreation use has become the fastest growing segment of the market.