Synthetic Turf – Positive Benefits For The Environment

When it comes to carbon footprints, there’s simply no comparison between natural grass and Five Star Turf. While there are many reasons to go green with turf lawns in this section we look at the overarching umbrella benefits that turf provides. Whatever your reasons by choosing synthetic turf, you’re becoming part of an environmental movement that not only saves clean drinking water, but also:

  • Eliminates impact on water resources, saving billions of gallons of water each year
  • Eliminates the use of billions of pounds of chemical fertilizers
  • Removes millions of tires from landfill sites each year
  • Significantly lowers the use of natural gas and other fossil fuels
  • Eliminates fuel-powered mowing, aerating, and re-seeding
  • Eliminates grass clippings
  • Can contribute toward numerous Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits

At five star we take our role as environmental stewards seriously. Our focus is creating beautiful aesthetically pleasing, safe lawns that will last and save your business money. But we are also committed and focused on conserving our natural resources and reducing our carbon footprint.

Installing a turf lawn can save hundreds of gallons of water a year. This is not only good for the environment but also for your wallet. If you’re considering synthetic turf for your business please contact us today. We can provide a free quote and educational overview on how turf will benefit you, your business, community and the environment.