Both Xeriscaping and Artificial Turf have their own unique benefits.  Many people in Southern California are turning to one of these 2 options as the drought continues to intensify.  we have covered the enormous list of benefits that artificial turf provides but in this post we will take a closer lookat what Xeriscaping is and how it can be used to save water.

Xeriscaping is not a new concept. In drought-stricken portions of the country, such as the Southwest, it is used extensively to landscape in areas where grass has a hard time growing.  It can save hundreds of gallons of water for homes and businesses – here in Southern California the majority of corporate bushiness complexes utilize this landscape method.

What is Xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping is defined as a method to conserve water through the use of creative landscaping. In North America, well over 50% of water used is for watering lawns and maintaining landscaping. With water becoming a precious commodity in the US, xeriscaping become a viable alternative. There are in depth principles of xeriscaping.  Here we provide a quick list of the off the top benefits.

Six Advantages of Xeriscaping

-Xeriscaping saves water. One focus of xeriscaping is the use of drought resistant plants.

-Requires (Outside of a little weeding and pruning), xeriscaping needs minimal effort. Simple irrigation systems can provide the necessary water for xeriscaping.

 -No fertilization or pesticides are needed. Utilize plants native to your area to eliminate the need for chemical supplements.

-Xeriscaping improves property value. The cost of the process is outweighed by the increase in property value.

-It is pollution free. The use of fossil fuels to power lawn mowers is eliminated.

-It provides wildlife habitat. Using native plants in xeriscaping provides cover for local wildlife.

Xeriscaping is not only functional, but adds color and variety to your landscape. For many a unique combination of xeriscaping and artifical turf can provide a drought proof landscape – for many it may be worth a try. Conserve water now so we don’t run out later.