Turf grass is commonly used for home and business landscapes. But it is an expensive option, which consumes a large percentage of a property’s water use and requires regular maintenance. Conversion to a California Friendly landscape may dramatically reduce both water and maintenance expenses. An example of potential savings is an experiment conducted using two properties in Santa Monica. One was a traditional turf landscape and the other was converted to a California Friendly landscape. Over the years, the California Friendly landscape has used 83% less water and required 68% less maintenance than the traditional turf landscape.

Often times, turf is used in places where it is underutilized or not needed, such as in a side yard that is never used, parkways, street medians, around parking lots, and in business landscapes without pedestrians. Many customers find that they can replace some or all of the turf in their landscape without reducing the curb appeal of the property. In fact, California Friendly™ landscapes not only save water and money, but they can be a beautiful, unique, and interesting replacement for traditional turf.

A few things to keep in mind:

You must request your pre-approval prior to removing your turf. If you have already begun work, your request for a pre-approval will be denied. you must request your pre-approval prior to beginning any work. The SoCal Water$mart Turf Removal program is an incentive program designed to encourage homeowners and businesses to consider removing their turf. If you have already replaced your existing turf, your request for a rebate will be denied.

Lastly you are allowed up to the maximum rebate allowance each fiscal year. You may submit more than one application per fiscal year up the maximum allowed. The program currently allows up to $25,000 total in Metropolitan funding per fiscal year at a rate of $1 per square foot for commercial customers, and up to $50,000 total in metropolitan funding ($2 per foot for first 3,000 square feet, and $1 per square foot thereafter up to the maximum) for public agency projects. If you are considering a commercial turf removal make sure you qualify for any and all rebates for this project.