Tire recycling company Genan has opened a $140 million plant in Houston.  The new facility has the capacity to recycle approximately 10 million passenger car tire equivalents a year.

Genan, which extracts and produces rubber granulate (crumb rubber), rubber powder and steel from scrap tires, says its new facility is the largest of its kind in the world. The company currently operates the world’s four largest tire-processing plants in Germany and Denmark. This is Genan’s first US manufacturing location and will become the US headquarters for its expansion plans in an effort to capture 10 percent of the American recycled tire market.

The company’s strategic expansion plans include a network of four new plants across the US in the coming years.

Genan’s products are used for synthetic turf installations, playgrounds and recreational facilities, sports tracks and grounds, asphalt roads, building products, flooring, injection molded products, industrial applications, noise insulation and many other purposes and applications. Genan products have been utilized at the last two NFL Super Bowls and are currently in use across the country at a number of professional and college football facilities.

Within 24 months, the Houston plant will be expanded to produce a line of very fine rubber powder and a technologically unique line for the production of rubber, which will be able to replace virgin rubber compounds, the company says.

A tire recycling process designed by Environmental Waste International emits 12,166 metric tons fewer carbon dioxide equivalents compared to incineration, and 3,136 metric tons fewer CO2e compared to the production of crumb rubber  Info from: Consultancy Pinchin Environmental.

Many synthetic turf manufactures will be contracting with Genan for the crumb rubber supplies needed to build synthetic turf lawns on an industrial level.