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12 Ways Artificial Lawns Benefit Homeowners

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Enjoy a Beautiful Lawn Year After Year

Artificial turf looks as good, if not better, than natural grass. Regardless of the weather, foot traffic or pets, you will not experience ruts, bare spots or weeds. Your artificial turf, which looks and feels like natural grass, will remain resilient and pristine green year-after-year.

Low Maintenance

Nearly zero maintenance requirements are a major reason why homeowners opt for artificial lawns. Artificial turf is essential no-maintenance lawn that feels and looks like natural grass. It doesn’t require watering, mowing, raking, weeding, fertilizing, or trimming. Homeowners with non-real grass no longer need to spend hours on weekly lawn chores or higher costly landscapers.

Significantly Reduced Water Bills

Residence and business who install artificial turf can save up to 70% on their water bills. “It is amazing that a healthy grass lawn typically requires 55 gallons of water per square foot per year,” said Brian McGibbon of Fields of Green, speaking to The Sacramento Bee. “That is 44,000 gallons of water per year for a 800-square-foot lawn”.

Looks and Feels Like Natural Grass

Today’s artificial grass is not your grandad’s soccer field AstroTurf. Thanks to advanced technology and innovations, it comes in realistic textures, colors and hues that will compliment any property’s surroundings. Moreover, the type of artificial grass used on sports fields is very different from the type used for homes and business.

Drought Resistant

Artificial grass lawns are impervious to unpredictable weather and droughts. Recently, California homeowners faced drought related strict water restrictions and penalties. Often this meant forgoing watering the lawn, watching it turn brown and unsightly. Essentially the only time water is needed for artificial turf is a quick rinse to remove dust build up. Consequently, installing artificial grass is a savvy way to ensure your lawn will remain beautiful and green regardless of any future droughts.

Pet Friendly

Dogs love natural grass, but natural grass doesn’t always love dogs. It easy for dogs to tear things up, leave brown spots or dig up muddy holes. With artificial grass, your pet can enjoy a beautiful, green, resilient lawn without causing damage. Clean ups are easy, simply scoop deposits and hose area. Homeowners can confidently let them run around without worrying about subsequent damages.


Professionally installed artificial turf is extremely durable and will last for several years. Due to advanced technology, today’s artificial grass products are developed to withstand high traffic, pets, children, weather conditions and more. Your worry-free lawn will provide a uniform, consistently green lawn and superb curb appeal for years to come.

No Grass Stains

When it comes to artificial lawns, while low maintenance is a significant advantage there are also some not so obvious benefits. For example, children (and adults) can freely play on artificial grass without getting grass stains on their shoes or clothes, which are hard to remove.


Installing artificial turf is safe for children, pets and the environment. Harsh fertilizers can have harmful environmental effects causing issues in streams, rivers, ponds and lakes. Also, low-maintenance artificial grass requires no gas from lawn mowers and significantly reduces water consumption. All of this makes artificial grass an environmentally friendly alternative to natural grass.

Shade is Not an Issue

Natural grass can fade and die when it’s in a shaded area. Artificial grass doesn’t. There is no need for sunlight or water. Therefore, it offers an ideal landscaping solution for front and backyard lawns with trees or other shaded areas.

Curb Appeal and Property Value

A lush green lawn always makes a great first impression. It signifies to others that you take immaculate care of your home. Moreover, perpetually green yards increase property value and attracts more buyers. It’s also strong advantage for attracting prospective homebuyers who will enjoy a beautiful lawn without upkeep drawbacks or high-water bills.

Return on Investment

Homeowners immediately benefit from installing artificial turf. Although it can seem expensive, most homeowners reap a return on investment within a few years due to saving money illuminating lawn care costs and a lower water bill. This doesn’t even include the intrinsic value of eliminating the significant time and effort required to maintain natural grass. With artificial grass you will enjoy all the benefits of real grass with none of the drawbacks.

Five Start Turf offers professional artificial grass installation services to homeowners and businesses throughout Southern California. Call 1.714.543.3000 for more information or request a quote.

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