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6 Reasons Pet Owners Love Artificial Grass

More and more homeowners are installing artificial grass. Pet owners, in particular, enjoy numerous benefits from making the switch to beautiful, natural-looking artificial grass. It makes caring for dogs and yards significantly easier and pets love the unbridled freedom of running and playing on it.

No More Lawn Stains or Bare Spots

Even the most rambunctious dogs can run all day on artificial grass without causing any wear or tear. Most pet owners struggle to keep their pets from urinating on the grass, which creates unpleasant yellow and brown stain, which often lead to bare spots. With installed natural-looking artificial grass, pets are able to enjoy freely enjoy being outside without causing unsightly or costly damages.

Always Lush & Green

Who doesn’t enjoy a lush green, well-manicured lawn? A lawn with green grass enhances and compliments a home’s aesthetic curb appeal. Conversely, a lawn with brown and bare spots can be an unsightly distraction, tanking a home’s curb appeal from a 10 to a 0. Anyone with energetic dogs knows the havoc they can wreck on natural grass, with their running, digging and depositing. Alternatively, rain or shine, pet owners with artificial grass retain a beautiful lawn while their beloved pets enjoy unfettered access.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Homeowners are installing artificial grass for many reasons. Significantly, it looks natural, requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean. If your pet makes a deposit, it is easy to spot and address. Simply remove deposits and hose the area. If you notice a spill or stain, just quickly clean it with water and mild soap. Occasionally, use an eco-friendly pet deodorizer to maximize order control. On top of all this, with artificial turf, you know longer need to mow, water, rake, spray, weed, or fertilize. If a pet owner wants a worry-free lawn, artificial grass is the no-brainier way to go.

No More Mud or Holes

With artificial grass, homeowners no longer need to worry about their pets tracking dirt and mud into their home, which will need to be cleaned up, along with the dog. Dogs dig holes for many reasons. According to experts, some canines claw at dirt because of boredom, high-energy levels, to escape, or to bury bones or foods. Installing perpetually pristine green turf, means your dog will no longer dig unsightly holes. Instead, a homeowner’s fury friend will be able to play freely outdoor while owners maintain a pristine lawn.

Less Fleas, Ticks, and Bugs

Another benefit of installing low-maintenance, pet friendly turf is fewer fleas, ticks, bugs and pests. These unwelcome creatures can’t survive and thrive in artificial grass like they do in natural grass. This means they are less likely to end up on pets and inside homes. As an added bonus, there is no need to use or spray harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Affordable Eco-friendly Landscaping Solution

Maintaining a natural lawn is expensive in terms of money and time. Unlike artificial grass, it requires water, energy, fertilizing, chemicals, weeding, mowing and more. And, those who hire people to manage their lawns will save even more money. Moreover, it can lead to reduce water bills up to 70%. Consequently, homeowners who install low-maintenance artificial turf save significant time and money over the turf’s life. Thereby, making it an affordable, eco-friendly solution.

Bottom line, artificial grass is the perfect solution for homeowners who want to provide their precious pets outdoor freedom without suffering from unsightly, expensive and time-consuming damages. On top of that, homeowners are able to enjoy a low-maintenance, beautiful, perpetually green lawn. It’s a win, win solution.

Five Start Turf offers professional artificial grass installation services to homeowners and businesses throughout Southern California. Call 1.714.543.3000 for more information or request a quote.

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