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Debunking 7 Myths About Artificial Turf

Today’s artificial turf is miles away from the stuff that carpeted sports arenas in the 1970s. Due to significant innovations artificial grass is now available in colors and textures that replicate the look and feel of natural grass. Consequently, it’s become a popular landscape solution for homeowners and businesses. Yet, despite cutting-edge technologies, misconceptions persist. Here are seven busted myths about artificial turf.

Myth 1- All Artificial Grass Looks Alike

Turf comes in different colors, styles, and textures to meet different location, budget and performance needs. For example, the type of artificial grass used on a soccer field is different than the type used for homes and businesses. Due to advance technologies, artificial turf looks and feels like real grass and comes in hues that will complement the surroundings

Myth 2- Turf is Primarily for Sports Fields

Artificial turf started as a surface solution for sports, particularly for indoor arenas. In fact, for many years it was even called “AstroTurf” because of its introduction to major sports via the Houston Astrodome in the 1960s. It soon caught on among other sports teams. Although artificial grass has changed significantly the stereotype belief that artificial grass is primarily for sports fields continues to persist. However, due to the numerous advantages and realistic textures, this low-maintenance solution is often used by homeowners and businesses.

Myth 3: Artificial Grass Requires Zero Maintenance

Some may believe that artificial turf requires absolutely zero upkeep. However, it actually does require minimal maintenance. Leaves and debris need to be raked or blown off. Messes, spills and substances need to be washed off. Finally, the turf should be rinsed off to freshen up blades, remove pollen, dust and pet deposits.

Myth 4: Turf is Bad for the Environment

Artificial turf is actually a great environmentally friendly landscape solution. For starters, it doesn’t require toxic pesticides, herbicides, weed killers or fertilizers. Secondly, there is no need to use a lawn mower and burn gas. Finally, artificial grass significantly reduces water usage and water bills, which is one reason why it is so popular among homeowners and businesses, particularly in drought prone areas with imposed water restrictions.

Myth 5: It Doesn’t Drain as Well as Natural Grass

The notion that artificial turf doesn’t drain as well as natural grass is another myth that originated decades ago. During that time, it did have a hard time with drainage when overwhelmed by water. However, long ago this issue was addressed. In fact, today’s artificial grass is engineered to actually drain more rain than natural grass.

Myth 6: Pets make Artificial Grass Smell

Pets can wreak havoc on natural grass, causing bare spots, holes and other damage. This is why artificial turf is an ideal solution for pet owners. Pets are able to freely run and play, without causing unsightly or expensive damage. Moreover, it is easy to ensure artificial grass doesn’t smell from pets. Simple clean up after pets, spray with water and if needed, simply apply an econ-friendly pet deodorizer.

Myth 7: Artificial Turf is Too Expensive

Homeowners and business who install artificial turf significantly reduce their lawn care costs. There is no need to buy equipment, weed killer, pesticide, fertilizer, gasoline, seeding, sodding, and so on. It is no longer necessary to spend weekends taking care of the lawn or spend resources on hiring help. Also, artificial turf means significantly lower water bills. Overtime, the cost of installing artificial turf pays for itself, making it an affordable time-saving option.

Most myths about artificial grass began over 50 years when the product first hit the market. Despite significant advancements, many false assumptions persist. The truth is this- artificial turf looks and feels like natural grass; it is a low-maintenance solution with environmental and economic benefits. More and more homeowners and businesses are choosing artificial turf as an easy way to save time and money, while enjoying a year-round, pristine green lawn.

Five Start Turf offers professional artificial grass installation services to homeowners and businesses throughout Southern California. Call 1.714.543.3000 for more information or request a quote.

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